Sustainability is a core philosophy of the Good and Original furniture brand.

As well as making furniture that is built to last and designing longevity into its styling, the choices of materials and manufacturing processes adopted, ensure that there is as little impact as possible on future generations to manufacture today's products.
We do this in a number of ways.

Birch Faced Plywood

Most Birch Faced plywood is sourced in Finland, Latvia and Russia. The Birch tree woods there are vast and replanted in an industry that's hundreds of years old. A relatively fast growing tree, growing 3-4 foot per year. This makes it a very sustainable  material
Birch forest
As each layer of plywood is only 1.5mm in width, there is a lot of material for the size of the tree. This allows for the creation of sheets of usable high quality plywood that is both beautiful but hardwearing and sustainable. With the best of our ability, we source all our plywood from FSC certified suppliers
plywood layers
Whilst the production of plywood is quite intensive, due to its strength, longevity of use and relatively quick to regrow, we at Good and Original Furniture believe this to be a very sustainable product

Manufacturing Furniture

When designing and making parts for the furniture, great time and effort is spent on the use of material and reduction of waste. With state of the art nesting softwares, the pieces are fitted onto each sheet, with the sole aim in reducing waste. At the same time, we are always designing product that fill the spaces that cannot be tessellated.
An example of this sustainability drive are the Cube Candlesticks which are made from all the gaps in the manufacturing of the furniture pieces.
Cube Candlesticks 

Bluepatch Foundation

We are very pleased to announce that we are involved with the Bluepatch Foundation. 
Bluepatch Foundation
Bluepatch is Britain's first sustainable marketplace, connecting shoppers to UK local economies and help independent businesses too. Blue Patch supports UK design and manufacturing businesses with sustainability at the heart of their ethos.
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