Justin Good - Biography


Justin Good 

As a self-proclaimed modernist, Justin Good has been involved in and around the design based and client based work since graduating from the Manchester School of Architecture in the early 1990’s

The chance encounter with the book ‘5 architects’ led the way to an aesthetic of simplicity in design, a striped down philosophy of styling and a passion for sustainability. The throw away society is in direct antithesis to these views.

A varied career followed, developing new ideas, meeting the needs of clients, exploring creative avenues until the present day.

 Justin has also spent time passing on knowledge and passion for design to a generation of young designers. He has worked with automotive, product and industrial designers, as well as  architects and engineers. 

With over 20 years of design experience, Justin Good has developed an original and unique design style. Taking references from design history, using inspiration from bygone times and fusing these with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, this furniture is certainly one of a kind.