Manufacturing Process

To decrease transportation and improve the quality of our work, we have brought our CNC manufacturing system in-house to ensure that all parts of the process are controlled and we can demand the highest quality in our work to allow us to guarantee the products are designed to the highest possible standards, far exceeding the quality of inferior imports.
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Good & Original Design Studio
The process was designed and developed to combine high quality manufacture with the best of hand finished craftmanship, to deliver furniture that would be able to meet the needs of modern society without depleting resources for future generations.
Newton in Situ
Each piece of design is made to last to ensure it can meet the demands of modern living, be that in the home or commercial environments. In addition, every piece of furniture is unique and can be assembled in a wide variety of different shape and colour combinations to fit any interior.


We believe that the very nature of plywood, it's laminations, it's strength through its manufacture,  is its most beautiful feature. By using its edges as a surface, the lamination becomes the 'grain'. Grain not by years of growth but by manufacturing achievement.
Plywood grain 
Each product is made from one single sheet of 18mm birch faced plywood. Birch faced plywood is a hardwood ply and has excellent quality both in its strength and aesthetic appeal. As it is made from slices of real Birch wood each piece is different, generating innate individualism.
Pieces cut 
The furniture is machined to an exacting standard using carbide cutters to reduce damage during this production phase. The pieces are then ready for assembly. 

Hand Finished Craftmenship

Due to the nature of the bespoke work, please allow unto 28 days from order point to delivery.